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Finished - an enabled Nani Iro Recipe No 5

This top was definitely a team effort. The fabric, a beautiful graphic rayon, was sourced for me by the lovely Kirsten of Fifty Two Fancies, after I saw hers, and brought all the way from NZ when she visited last year. The pattern was loaned to me by Anna - it's a Nani Iro pattern, available in an out-of-print book, or in a draft-it-yourself-from-a-diagram via this link from the Bombazine ladies version.  So thankyou lovely ladies!

I was exceptionally lazy lucky and had the luxury of tracing off Anna's pattern - the darling had even drafted a neckline facing AND traced full sized pieces. So it was a very quick and easy-peasy little project.

Pretty sure this is the size small, with some added length (as drafted it's fairly short) and a 1cm FSA. The rayon is a little sheer, so I made my facing out of an off-white cotton. I often make facings or bias binding out of pale pink or off-white to prevent it showing through on slightly sheer fabrics - especially stripes.

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