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Finished - Tokyo in linen

Before my holidays in September I'd popped into The Cloth Shop (which happens alarmingly regularly) and spotted a beautiful Lithuanian linen double gauze sitting there, doing what linen does best - looking rumpled and uber-stylish. One side was black, the other beige, with little stitches joining the two layers creating subtle spotty stripes. I stroked it and coveted it, but didn't know what I'd do with it. Once on holidays I began obsessively binge planning my spring/summer wardrobe, and realised I had a definite gap for a neutral but stylish lightweight layer. The linen would be the perfect partner for a little kimono-style jacket. Overcome with FOMO I messaged Kim at TCS on Instagram and she put aside the last couple of metres for me. Seriously people - the benefits of shopping from,  supporting and getting to know your local retailers cannot be underestimated. #shoplocal whenever possible!

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